Custom made Lockdown Long clock for DJ Neil Long at Radio Jackie minus the stars

Cartier Art Deco style alarm clock 


Modern Cartier Art Deco style alarm clock in gilt brass case with black and red decoration and in working order.


Price: £ 1200

Dot Matrix


Unusual moving dot wall art very relaxing to watch 


Price: POA


The Light Clock


Unusual way to tell the time using light instead of clock hands.






Orbit clock


Unusual wall clock where the hands create an illusion as they move as if the clock hands were in orbit . The hour and minute hands made if aluminium with an anodised coating applied to them A unique way of telling the time.


Price: £250

Unusual clock which tells the time by seasons

The hand rotates once a year going through the seasons.                    

BLUE section Winter 

GREEN section Spring

YELLOW section Summer

RED section Autumn 

Price: £299

Poetry in Motion Clock

Clock has a poetry message around edge of clock to tell the time as the whole clock moves around in a circle on your desk.


Price: POA

Alien Clock

The horizontal LED"s are the hours, Red count as "5" Green count as "1" Yellow are Tens of minutes and vertical are minutes. Bottom row show seconds in binary formation.

Time shown is 12:59:59




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Price: £85

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