Rare Guilmet lighthouse Clock c1880


Nice example of Guilmet lighthouse clock automaton with the top section rotating by winding the mechanism through the door in base of clock which is earlier than examples without this feature which wind from a hole in the rear of clock base

Has 2 thermometer scales one for farenheit and other centigrade with mercury and alcohol thermometers.

Clock ,barometer and movement in base have been fully overhauled and in working condition as well as case and dials which are all original.


Price: POA

Henri Jacot Striking Carriage Clock c1890


Nice  carriage clock striking  on gong by well known French maker Henri Jacot stamped with logo on back plate and inside.

Case has a nice gilded satin finish 


Price: £1900

Antique Silver carriage clock c1893


Nice Silver carriage clock in decorative formed case. Makers mark John Bateson, London. Fully restored


Price: £2200

Miniature Silver Antique Carriage Clock c1910


Nice restored silver carriage timepiece with lovely engine turning on the case apart from the underside and back door. Makers mark of Henry Clifford Davis, Birmingham.Fully restored.


Price: £1500

Bow Fronted Timepiece Carriage Clock by Page Keen & Page, Plymouth c1920


Gilded cased timepiece carriage clock recently restored with integral winding key and handset knob.


Price: £850

Karl Griesbaum Whistling man Automaton c 1930/40’s


Whistler automaton in working condition and movement and bellows have been restored. When wound up the head rotates side to side and whistling sound is produced by the movement.


Peice: £675

Silver & Tortoiseshell mantle clock c1909


Nice silver and tortoiseshell clock the case being in excellent condition for age the handles and case hallmarked c1909 by makers Grey & co.


Price £2800

Miniature  timepiece carriage clock c1970’s


nice miniature 8 day timepiece clock made around 1970’s era


Price: £795



Rare Jaeger le Coultre mantle clock design by Luigi Colani c1960/70’s


Very rare in-line Skeleton  clock jaeger le coultre mantle clock by designer Luigi colani and has been service and comes in its original box with papers.


Price £3600

Miniature Longcase clock by Tostain, Galerie de la  Madeleine c1880


Nice miniature 8 day  longcase clock mahogany case with Roccoco brass decoration 

Clock stands only 48cms high by 16cms wide and 11cms depth.


Price : £1100

Antique miniature Enamelled carriage clock by Cartier c1920


Nice miniature clock by Cartier, movement signed Continental 15 Jewels, with ntegral winding key and handset knob. Movement has been professionally restored,


Price: £3500

Antique miniature engraved case silver carriage clock c1884


Nice silver carriage clock hallmarked London  silver case by G H James & co circa 1884. Movement with its oval plates  has been professionally restored and has its original cylinder platform escapement . Bezel and top decoration should of case in the form of bamboo decoration.  


Price: £2500

Unusual Antique timepiece carriage clock c1900


Nice unusual style of a timepiece carriage clock in gilded case with original platform lever escapement. Dial signed Wynne & co, Gloucester Road, SW 


Price: £1250


Antique Glass Magnifying Globe Clock.


Magnifying glass globe clock suspended on a crescent shaped stand. The movement is an 8 day movement signed on the dial Oscar Friesard, Lucerne


Price: SOLD

Antique tortoiseshell and Ivory timepiece mantle clock c1905


Nice tortoiseshell and Ivory clock with 8 day movement with English lever escapement. Fully serviced.


Price: £3000

Rare French Fusee Carriage Clock c1880


This rare drum clock  is mounted in a circular nickel plated case with half baluster pillars with a central glass section to view the movement. Has a rare dual lever platform escapement where the escape wheel acts in a vertical plane and pallets operate in a horizontal plane. Fully serviced 


Price: £4500

Rare Calendar Carriage Clock


Unusual timepiece carriage clock with Day, Date, Month and Year. The day and date change over automatically and month and year are changed manually. The year is numbered from 1897-1906 and discs needed after these years were probably made up to fit or supplied extra with the clock. The dial retains its original frosted silvering. The maker of clock is by Brunelot


Price: £2900

Rare Guilmet Windmill Automaton Clock


Very fine  example of a Guilmet windmill automaton clock  with thermometers in Celsius and Fahrenheit and a barometer mounted above the clock. The windmill automaton is wound by opening the door on base . Restored recently This clock dates c1890


Price: SOLD


Charles x French Mantle Clock with Thermometer.


Nice French striking mantle clock by Brocot signed on movement and also on back of dial. Has a very unusual rare striking mechanism which the hammer arbor gathers the rack teeth. Case is rosewood with boxwood inlays and stringing. Dates around c1840.


Price: £3200

Miniature Silver and Black Enamel Carriage Clock.


Nice miniature 8 day carriage clock with case stamped Stylo. Clock dates around c1900.


Price : £2900

Miniature Silver Cased Art Deco Enamelled Carriage Clock.


This unusual miniature carriage clock with an 8 day movement. Cased is stamped Schild co Swiss importer silver mark of George Stockwell dating  c1929.


Price: £3500

Rare Shagreen and Ivory Carriage Clock.


Nice unusual carriage clock in shagreen covered wooden case with Ivory trim around edge with Ivory dial bezel and Ivory feet and movement screw securing washers.  


Price: SOLD

Antique  Silver and Rose a Gold Carriage Clock.


Nice Silver timepiece carriage clock with silver case marks by William Frederick Wright dating c1897.


Price: £2800

Antique French Alarm Carriage Clock Compendium, Barometer, a Thermometer and Compass.


Restored carriage clock compendium dating around c1900 with original platform escapement and a Mercury filled thermometer.  


Price: £2750



Silver Carriage Clock


Silver cased carriage clock, case with a scale effect and hallmarked c1907 London by William Comyns a well known maker of silverware. The movement has original lever platform escapement and has been serviced. This is an 8 Day clock.  


Price: £2500

Miniature Enamelled Carriage Clock by Tiffany


Nice miniature 8 day clock by Tiffany Decorative enamelled front with black enamelled sides and top case gilded. c1930


Price: POA

Henri Marc 4 Dial Lighthouse Clock


Nice 4 dial lighthouse clock signed Henri Marc on all enamelled dials. The case is oak with a brick effect on central section and top section surrounded by brass decoration with finial on top. Movement is wound from base which has a rod which drives the top section of the clock from the movement which is a Swiss lever escapement. Clock dates around c 1890


Price :. £4500

Miniature German Zappler clock


This miniature zappler or "Cow Tail" clock has a porcelain dial with the dial markings applied and original antique glass dome  sitting on an ebonised base

Clock runs for around 2 1/2 days approx and dates around c1860


Price: £1500

Miniature Porcelain Longcase Clock


Cobalt blue with raised gold detail on casing in lovely condition for its age. Has an 8 day timepiece movement with cylinder platform escapement. Dates around c1900.


Price: £850

Striking gilt cased carriage clock


Nice gilt cased carriage clock striking on a gong with a masked gilt engraved dial with a silvered dial in centre and has the original English lever platform escapement 

Clock dates around c1880


Price: £2750

Jaeger Le Coultre Marina Clock


Jaeger Le Coultre Marina clock with an inline skeletonised movement which runs for 8 days. Dates around c1960. Has gilt base and fittings and has fish scene engraved into the Perspex casing.


Price: SOLD

Silver Plated Timepiece Carriage Clock


Silver plated clock dating around c1920. Movement is an 8 day with original platform escapement.


Price: £350

Miniature Guilloche Carriage Clock


Nice miniature silver guilloche salmon pink carriage clock in excellent condition and dates around c1920.

Dimensions are 60mm height with handle up by 27mm wide and  18mm deep.


Price: £2600

Dent Fusee Striking Dial Clock 9 Inch Dial


Rare Dent fusee wall clock striking on a gong and has a strike silent aperture above the 12 o"clock marking. Has a chain driven fusee on both sides and movement is stamped on backplate which matches also number on dial.  The bezel has a locking catch with key as well as a locking door underneath the clock. Clock dates around c1860. 


Price: £4500

Rare Miniature Biedermeier Timepiece Vienna Wall Clock.


Nice miniature vienna measuring 28 inches in length with a week duration. Has a nice pie crust bezel and dial surround measures around 4 inches in diameter. Clock has been fully serviced.

Price: £2995

Miniature Art Deco style carriage clock


Nice miniature timepiece carriage clock recently restored. Backplate stamped Grimshaw Baxter & JJ Elliot and dates around c1930

price: £1750

Miniature Enamel Carriage Clock


Unusual miniature enamel clock dating around c1920 with silver gilt case and with a enamel marble effect applied to the case. Movement has been professionally serviced 

Price: £2800

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